Kenny Pickett, Darius Slayton & More Week 7 Waiver Stars To Be Added Now


As we pass the quarter of the NFL season, team identities are seemingly starting to take shape. However, as much as we like to categorize teams with labels, we should avoid attaching static narratives to a dynamic situation. Chemistry, continuity, training, weather and injuries keep each team’s trajectory in a constant state of flux. Not understanding this basic concept creates the biggest pitfall in fantasy football; using season stats. Strap on your speculator cap for another split-stat adventure at The Athletic.

Week 7 Quarterback – Kenny Pickett, PIT vs. Miami

Our Week 7 QB flow is a perfect example of trying to go where the ball will be, not where it has been. It might be hard for Kenny Pickett’s 63 Att, 43 Comp, 420 PaYd, 0 TD, 3 INT stat line to look worse. Six percent of all passes were chosen. His 0.04 EPA per attempt is in the NFL’s last 10, his 66.9 passer rating is worse than Justin Fields, and the Steelers come out of a game with fewer runs scored on Sunday than the rookie did. has interceptions. Now, with all that negativity out of the way, let’s pull out the analytical scalpel to dissect this frog of a problem.

It’s always kind of annoying when analysts, pundits and the like tell us, “If you delete that bad game, player X was really good” or “Without that huge TD run, player Y was a disappointment”, but I will do it anyway. I really think this specific scenario is one of the few times we can give a real mulligan.


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