gehlot: Gehlot should not ask center for agricultural loan waiver: Poonia | Jaipur News

Jaipur: BJP State Chairman Satish Poonia on Sunday criticized Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot for shifting responsibility for the loan waiver promised to farmers to the Centre.
In a letter to Gehlot, Poonia said more than 1.35 lakh farmers risked losing their land at auction for not being able to repay a loan to banks. “Reports indicate that the banks declared these farmers’ bank accounts as non-performing assets and filed a lawsuit against them under the Hardship Removal Act,” Poonia said in the letter.
Further citing the report, he said that the total outstanding amount pending from these farmers is Rs 2,928 crore. “Out of a total of 1.35 lakh bank accounts, 80,000 of them are only one year old. launched the process of auctioning the land of 9,000 farmers,” Poonia said. He concluded the letter by recalling Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s promise of loan exemption for farmers in the 2018 election. State should keep the promise they made and should not shift responsibility to central government,” Poonia said.
Poonia, in another letter to the CM, called for a CBI investigation into the REET scandal. He said thousands of students have taken the exam and they feel cheated as the government has allowed the paper to leak. “Since the arrest of the main defendants Bhatti Lal Meena and Mukesh, the investigation points to government officials involved in the racketeering. The investigation agency SOG was unable to arrest the real culprits,” said said Poonia.

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