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Read This Before Signing Your Credit Card Debt

November 22, 2019

You have applied for a credit card on the day and received the debit letter from the bank. Before you sign, there are 4 things you should check!   1) How high is your credit line? You can think of your credit limit as the highest amount the bank is willing to lend you. It […]

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500+ program and credit standing

November 17, 2019

The 500+ program is a loud topic that raises a lot of emotions not only among people interested in providing services, but also Poles who are outside the target group. From the beginning, the project had many supporters and opponents. Despite this, it came into force and, whatever you think about it, feeds the household […]

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Long term loans are very popular

October 29, 2019

A long-term loan can be required in a variety of cases. Long maturities are particularly likely when large amounts of credit have been applied for and repayments are made in order to keep individual installments at an affordable level. In most cases, this is real estate financing, which can often take several decades to fully […]

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Loans without credit bureau information – is this available?

October 19, 2019

Loans without credit bureau information usually enjoy a great popularity, provided, of course, you will find them too. Although a search on the Internet promotes plenty of offers to light days, but who once subjected to a closer examination, is often faced with conditions that can spoil not only the day but also your own […]

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About loans and flexible loans

October 7, 2019

Information on common loan terms and offers on the market today regarding Personal Payday loans Today you can get interest rates of around 9.9% and effective interest rates from approx. 10.92% with some loan providers. Personal Payday loan without collateral As an example, Centum Finans provides you with a Flex loan, which is one of […]

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Be careful about your signature on some loans

September 10, 2019

Can it really be true that I have to pay my friend’s bank debt because he owns a villa? Can I have the right to have a loan split in two halves so that I and my ex-boyfriend can each process a loan instead? Why should I pay more than loan balance when I want […]

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Online Fast Payday Loans And Borrowings

September 9, 2019

Quick loans and borrowings have long been recognized in the domestic and foreign markets. Although in the last few years you have come across various types of fast loan and lending advertisements in numerous places as well as on the internet, many do not yet know what it really is, whether it is copper or […]

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Loans for retirees – so you get it

September 3, 2019

Between pensioners and banks arise at times quite paradoxical situations. On the one hand, banks attach great importance to collateral, on the other hand, they also like to leave customers in the rain when they think they are too old for a loan, but have sufficient collateral. For pensioners, this is often a very sobering […]

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Mortgage interest rates on mortgages and maturity of the loan

August 20, 2019

Mortgage rates on mortgages are many Norwegians strongly concerned about. And this for good reason … This has a lot to say for how everyday life gets too many, as fluctuations in mortgage rates have a lot to say for how good advice one will get to pay other bills. When deciding the loan term […]

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How to get loans and financing and get the application approved?

August 17, 2019

Do you need loans and financing but are afraid of not getting your loan application approved? Here we discuss what you should be aware of in such cases and generally borrowing money online. How do I get a good loan and consumer loan online today? There are many ways to get a loan, and there […]

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