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Information on common loan terms and offers on the market today regarding Personal Payday loans

Today you can get interest rates of around 9.9% and effective interest rates from approx. 10.92% with some loan providers.

Personal Payday loan without collateral


As an example, Centum Finans provides you with a Flex loan, which is one of the market’s best loan offers. If you are wondering what a Personal Payday loan is? Do you need to know that a Personal Payday loan means you can borrow from NOK 30,000 to 250,000 with a 12-year repayment period. Then no security is required for your Flex loan and you can use the Flex loan for exactly what you want.

A Personal Payday Loan Amount


With a Flex loan, you can have the opportunity to obtain a loan reserve of up to NOK 50,000, which comes in addition to your loan amount. The maximum amount will usually be around NOK 250,000 in total. The purpose of this is that you will always have a small reserve in the back. Some loan providers can borrow up to your maximum limit how often you want, and the money can be in your account within 24 hours. This gives you the long-term flexibility you want from a Flex loan. The downside to all this is that every time you use your loan reserve it will cost you 200, – kr. once with most loan providers, but this is no big expense either. Of course, you can redeem all or part of your Flexi loan whenever you want, free of charge.

About Personal Payday repayment


If you apply for a Personal Payday loan with, for example, Centum Finans, you do it because there is a need for a quick and easy loan, and because you need some extra money right now. That is why you automatically get the first 6 months interest-free on your Flexil loan.

In addition, after 12 months, you can freely choose 2 months a year where you can have a completely free payment on your Flexilan loan. If you use the reserve for your Flexi loan you can also get a new repayment period, up to 12 years.

Personal Payday interest rates and fees

All applications for Flex loans are assessed individually and we offer a nominal interest rate of 9.9% and an effective rate of 10.92%.