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500+ program and credit standing

The 500+ program is a loud topic that raises a lot of emotions not only among people interested in providing services, but also Poles who are outside the target group. From the beginning, the project had many supporters and opponents.

Despite this, it came into force and, whatever you think about it, feeds the household budgets of many households with a noticeable amount of money. Moreover, in some situations it also affects the creditworthiness of parents. Let’s check how the 500+ program works.

What is the 500+ program?


The 500+ program is one of the most widely and loudly commented pro-social projects for years. This is not just about political issues, which always arouse a lot of emotions, but also about the scale of financing. It cannot be hidden that PLN 500 is a serious cash injection. If the government, instead of such a sum, proposed PLN 100, for example, interest in the topic would probably be smaller.

There is also a chance that the beneficiaries of the program, despite meeting its conditions, would be less, because the amount would not motivate so much to make the effort to complete and submit the application. What is the purpose of the program? It is intended to improve the financial situation of Polish families and contribute to the increase in fertility, which, over the years, has significantly decreased.

PLN 500 per child – rules

PLN 500 per child - rules

The amount of support that the Family 500 plus program assumes is high enough that a number of conditions must be met in order to receive it. However, on July 1, 2019, the criteria were lowered and now parents with up to one child can receive financial support. In addition, you do not have to meet the income criterion, and you will not need income certificates when submitting your application. The great advantage of government financial support is that it is not taxable. Beneficiaries receive the full amount of money.

It is also worth noting that the support is long-term. This means that if nothing changes, the families covered by the program will receive money until children reach the age of majority. During this period, PLN 500 awarded per month is intended to cover the costs of maintaining the descendants. Theoretically, social assistance centers may report irregularities in spending this money, but practice shows that this happens extremely rarely.

500 plus program – conditions for granting the benefit


The bill, talking about state aid in the process of raising children, clearly indicates the group of beneficiaries of the Rodzina 500 Plus program. Parental benefit in the amount of PLN 500 per month can be obtained for the second child (and subsequent children) and the first from July 1, 2019.

A child is an own child, adopted child, spouse’s child and child under legal protection until reaching the age of majority. Money may not be collected by parents, actual or legal guardians of a minor. The value of the benefit does not change with the age of the pupils – we will receive more than PLN 500 only if we have more children.